Appraising Fertilisers: Origins of current regulations and standards for contaminants in fertilisers

Background of quality standards in the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, United Kingdom and Flanders

Fertilisers are essential for increasing crop production, especially when soil fertility is low and there are insufficient animal manures, composts or other nutrient containing residues. Fertiliser production in Europe started in 1842. Since then many industrial processes for fertiliser production have been developed. Inefficient production methods were abandoned and replaced by newer production methods. This development still continues, especially when new insights about fertiliser production and use emerge.

Auteurs: P.A.I. Ehlert, L. Posthuma, P.F.A.M Römkens, R.P.J.J. Rietra, A.M. Wintersen, H. Van Wijnen, T.A. van Dijk, L. van Schöll and J.E. Groenenberg

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